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Month: November 2013

Thanksgiving is Always in Season

Most school children would probably say that Thanksgiving dates back to the Pilgrims at Plymouth as early as 1621. By the late 1660’s, it had become traditional to hold a harvest festival in New England. President George Washington declared the first nation-wide thanksgiving in 1789 “as a day of public thanksgiving and prayer to be… Read More ›

Refinance to Remove a Person

Most people are familiar with the various reasons a homeowner refinances their home which generally result in two major benefits: saving interest and building equity. There is however another reason to refinance which may not be as common which is to remove a person from the loan. In the case of a divorce, when one… Read More ›

All Dollars Not Equal article

I really found this article very interesting and informative, especially when you look at the numbers from a real estate perspective. What do you think about this article? Do you think that it’s accurate and reflects reality? All Dollars Not Equal The division of assets between the spouses is an important decision to finalize a… Read More ›

Ignoring Insurance Risks Could Be Costly

I found this article and wanted to pass it along to you readers! Interesting read and important information.   Ignoring Insurance Risks Can Be Costly We are pleased to have Carrie Van Brunt-Wiley, editor of the HomeInsurance.com Blog, return as our guest blogger today. The HomeInsurance.com blog serves as a resource center for insurance consumers and homebuyers across the… Read More ›

Achieving the American Dream article

  This is a very interesting article by Ashley Garner. Do you feel like you’re achieving your version of the American Dream? Why Do We Buy Real Estate? Why do you own your home? Why do you want to buy a home? According to Fannie Mae the top five reasons people buy a home or aspire… Read More ›

Who’s Paying Your Mortgage?

As a homeowner, you obviously pay for your mortgage but as an investor, your tenant does. Equity build-up is a significant benefit of mortgaged rental property. As the investor collects rent and pays expenses, the principal amount of the loan is reduced which increases the equity in the property. Over time, the tenant pays for… Read More ›